For All to See

For All Cover jpegIt all started innocently enough for a young woman looking to earn fast cash volunteering for medical research. But the allure of easy money leads her down a dark path. Soon, while cameras roll, she is masturbating in front of a crowd while hooked up to various medical instruments. The more kinky and extreme the experiments get, the more money she receives. When she is offered an elusive spot in the ‘elite’ Phase 2 trial, she is shocked by what they expect of her this time. Can she turn down the pile of cash? And more importantly, does she even want to?

For All To See is a ~8,000 word erotic story which contains explicit depictions of sexual acts including exhibitionism, masturbation, bondage, voyeurism, sex on stage, sex toys, anal penetration, doctor fetish, robot fetish and much more. This story is intended for an adult audience only!

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