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Rock Me: Naughty

In jeans

Allison has loved the band, Cold Fusion, since she was twelve years old. Her older brother is the bass guitarist, so the band has always treated her like a kid sister. The problem is that now that she’s graduated college, Allie can’t get within five feet of the band without embarrassing herself. Her body seems to betray her and give away her secret desires. And one of the band members especially fills her nights with naughty dreams and forbidden fantasies.

Allie is still a virgin and she’s tired of it, but all the boys she’s dated have left her cold. One night of uncontrolled passion changes all that when she is taught the art of carnal pleasures. But that one night her wild passions unleash a chain of events that can never be undone. Will her forbidden lust cause her to lose everything? Or will her new knowledge unlock the key to her heart’s desire?

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