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My Stepbrother: The Dom




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My Stepbrother: The Dom

**A Stand-Alone Full Length Stepbrother Romance with an HEA**

I’d never been to a sex club before. Hell, before I saw the hot new erotic romance movie, I didn’t even know what BDSM was. I was that naïve.

Mix together a few shots of alcohol, my dangerously adventurous girlfriend and a dose of curiosity, and you had the recipe for a very crazy night.

That’s how I ended up inside the sex club.

How did I end up being schooled in the arts of BDSM by my sinfully sexy stepbrother?

Now that was just pure madness.


Dear Readers,

I hope you will love My Stepbrother: the Dom. It’s got a sexy stepbrother (which are red-hot right now!), an innocent but feisty heroine, forbidden lust, mistaken identity, BDSM and some sizzling sex scenes all in one full-length stand alone novel with a definitive HEA. Please note that the characters are NOT blood related!