If you enjoy sizzling romance between alpha males and the strong women who can bring them to their knees, you have come to the right place.

Nothing is more enjoyable to me than an old-fashioned romance novel. Almost. That is, if you scrub the purple prose and replace it with scorching sex scenes that leave nothing to the imagination.

Please make sure to check out the What’s New / Timelines page to get an idea what I’ve been working on. I will keep that page up to date with approximate time frames for new releases. Feel free to leave questions or comments anywhere on the site – I will get back to you.

Come on in!



26 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Seriously, when is Dangerous Curves 2 being released?

    • Hi Anna. Wow – I just checked – DCA was released in October! I’ve really dropped the ball on that one. I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries, so I’m going to put part 2 in the queue right behind the story I’m working on now. So, I’m guessing April sometime. I really wish I could write faster!

    • When is dangerous curves ahead 3 being released

  2. When will dangerous curves ahead 2 be available. Love the first one

  3. Haha just read Anna’s comment

  4. Corinna said:

    OMG!!!! Just bought your Taken series I’m in need of the 3book I saw you said there will be total of 5books plz plz don’t make me wait?
    LOL I want to know what happens! I’m going to go crazy.LOL but anyways LOVE THE SERIES can’t wait for the other books!

    • Hi Corinna! I haven’t abandoned this series. The next three books get even hotter. Unfortunately, Amazon filtered these books effectively killing the series. I need to re-brand it with new covers (I don’t like the current ones) and other behind the scenes stuff to get it out of the ‘adult filter’. The filter is not visible on the customer end, but when slapped on certain genres of erotica or romance can do serious damage. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list – I hope you don’t have to wait too long…

  5. Roxanne Elmlinger said:

    Hey there Arabella, I see you haven’t had time update your “What’s New/Timeline’s” page. The kiddos keeping you too busy? Maybe you need to tie them up. Send them to Grandma’s or tell dad to take them to the park. You take care. Roxanne

  6. Hi Arabella, just read DCA2, can’t wait for DCA3:-)

  7. Hi arabella just read wicked when wicked 2 out loved it

  8. Nunna Mary said:

    I do love your books but where else can I get them on ebooks? I have already downloaded the ones Sony offers but I am missing quite a few. I do not have a kindle just a Samsung tablet.

    • I will have to look into Sony – they should all be available except Rock Me: Crazy which is exclusive to Amazon until Oct 15. I believe you can read amazon books on a tablet if you download the free amazon reading app, but I don’t know how it works really. Other sites seem device specific, but you can also try smashwords which lets you download different formats. If you need help with a specific title, email me arabellaquinnx at gmail 🙂

  9. Hi Arabella,
    I have just finished ready Dangerous Curves 1 & 2, FABULOUS! When do think Dangerous Curves 3 ill be out please! Dying to know what happens!

  10. Ok, wicked!

  11. I am looking forward to reading Crazy. I cannot find it on B&N for my nook. Is it still only available on Amazon?

  12. Hi,Arabella!I really like Rock me series!When will Tyler’s story come out?

  13. MaggieMay said:

    Hi Arabella!
    I have read Dangerous Curves 1&2. I absolutely love them! I’ve read them over and over again! But I love all of your books! When do you think Dangerous Curves 3 is coming out? I’m looking forward to reading it! It can’t come out soon enough! Your an amazing writer!!

  14. Really excited for Rock me Sexy and Wicked 2!! Do you have a release date for those?? Rock me Crazy was fantastic! A part 2 for crazy and Naughty would be great! I’d love to see how their stories end!

  15. I really enjoyed reading My Stepbrother: The Dom. Thank you for letting me read it through ARC it was a great privilege.

  16. Jennifer said:

    i love your rock me series i can not put the books down i am looking foreword to the second of some these book and will have to read the billionaire son books too.

  17. Leigh Ann said:

    Love the “Rock Me” series and can’t wait for more. Are there any release dates we can look forward to?

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